Have a Quirky Christmas with Sharp Shirter

Oh my goodness, I just came across one of the funniest websites ever. It’s called Sharp Shirter and they sell some very quirky artwork. Most of their products are animal themed such as their slothzilla shower curtain.

They also have some freaking hilarious phone cases like their “Sharpcatula” iphone case.

If you’re looking for a very quirky gift, definitely hit up Sharp Shirter.

Not only do they have great artwork but they also donate money to animal protection organizations. Since they opened their doors in 2009, they have donated over $15,000 to the African Wildlife Foundation to help prevent the hunting of elephants.

Sharp Shirter has graciously offered a 15% off coupon code for our readers: PARTYTIME

Definitely check them out! And keep an eye out for a review from us in the next few weeks!

99 cent gifts with FREE customization and FREE shipping!

Holy cow, I just found some amazing 99 cent deals on CowCow.com! If you’re not familiar with CowCow, it’s a company that makes custom printed items – everything from t-shirts to coin purses, even Christmas ornaments and leggings! It’s like Vistaprint on steroids!

So onto the deals, they have several but I’m going highlight my favorites and the ones I think are the best deals. Read On…

$25 in FREE Clothing at Schoola plus FREE Shipping!

Schoola is an online consignment store with a purpose – every item sold benefits a school somewhere in the United States. How neat is that? Even cooler is that Schoola is running a great promo. You can get $10 off ANY purchase with the coupon code LUNCHBREAK. In addition, you get $15 just for signing up under a referral link (like mine) and there’s free shipping on ANY purchase as well. So you can get $25 in FREE clothing! Read On…

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Discard Your Clutter

Yesterday was Earth Day and that made me think about how decluttering your home often results in a lot of discarding and throwing things out. In the spirit of being more environmentally friendly, I started looking for ways to reduce how much of my clutter gets thrown away and increase how much is recycled or given new life. I wanted to share a few of the websites and resources I found.

Some links below may contain referrals that earn you and me bonuses. If you don’t want to use my links, just Google the name of the company instead. Read On…

How to Declutter Your Email Inbox – Fast!

Is your email inbox overflowing with newsletters than you don’t remember signing up for? Is Amazon sending you 5 emails a day tempting you to buy something you looked at a few days ago? Maybe it’s time to declutter your email inbox! Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you may think, even if you have THOUSANDS of emails to delete. Trust me, I deleted over 100,000 emails in January and it was easier than I imagined because I came up with a simple trick to make it go faster. The trick is to delete in groups. I’ll explain more in detail below. Read On…