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Environmentally Friendly Ways to Discard Your Clutter

discard-your-clutterYesterday was Earth Day and that made me think about how decluttering your home often results in a lot of discarding and throwing things out. In the spirit of being more environmentally friendly, I started looking for ways to reduce how much of my clutter gets thrown away and increase how much is recycled or given new life. I wanted to share a few of the websites and resources I found.

Some links below may contain referrals that earn you and me bonuses. If you don’t want to use my links, just Google the name of the company instead. […]


How to Declutter Your Email Inbox – Fast!

declutter-email-inboxIs your email inbox overflowing with newsletters than you don’t remember signing up for? Is Amazon sending you 5 emails a day tempting you to buy something you looked at a few days ago? Maybe it’s time to declutter your email inbox! Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you may think, even if you have THOUSANDS of emails to delete. Trust me, I deleted over 100,000 emails in January and it was easier than I imagined because I came up with a simple trick to make it go faster. The trick is to delete in groups. I’ll explain more in detail below. […]


Breaking My Bargain Shopping Addiction Part 2

breaking my bargain shopping addictionSo today was the big day – I went to Target for their big “Spend $50 on groceries, get a $10 gift card” deal. I went in with a list of foods we buy every single week – eggs, cream cheese, butter, bagged salad, etc. I also brought a list of foods we buy regularly but not every week such as tuna, mayonnaise, and string cheese. I printed out a few coupons and we headed out the door at 8am.

When we got there, we first walked around the food section checking prices and punching numbers into the calculator of what we wanted to buy. We hit $35 and I realized that it was probably a good idea to go ahead and do the deal. I had to resist the temptation of buying things just because I “had a coupon” or it would push us closer to the $50 threshold. At one point, we had coconut oil ($6), Slim Jims ($3), and peanut butter ($2.30) in the cart. […]


Konmari is Helping Me Break My Bargain Shopping Addiction

If anyone really knows me, they’ll know I’m a couponer. I LOVE a good deal and if I can get something for free, I often do. But going through Konmari is changing all that. I’m finding it difficult to buy things that are on sale because I have to ask myself if buying that item sparks joy. Most times it does not. I did a “deal” a few weekends ago and shortly after I got home, I started to regret it.

The deal revolved around getting 2 boxes of trash bags (we only had cheap ones that did NOT spark joy) and other cleaning supplies. The deal required spending $40 to get $10 off with a store coupon but it also allowed manufacturer’s coupons and other store coupons. I went in expecting to get only essentials – trash bags, toilet paper, and paper towels. But when I realized that the coupon I had for toilet paper was expired, I went off book. […]


I Threw Away My Wedding Pictures

Yesterday I did something crazy. I threw away my wedding pictures – most of them anyway. If you know Phillip and me very well, you probably know that our wedding day was a bit of a disaster. We missed out on saying our vows and the guests didn’t really have any fun. We were young and dumb so we ended up having a church wedding at a Southern Baptist church. This meant NO dancing or even music (except music approved by the pastor). This also meant no alcohol (we weren’t old enough for that anyway). Our photographer was an older lady who felt strongly about NOT letting us see each other before the wedding so we could only do pictures between the ceremony and the reception meaning our guests were stuck waiting for a long time. Add all of those together and you’ll see that our day really wasn’t that fun or special. The only good part of the whole day was that we were MARRIED!!!

Add in the fact that our wedding pictures turned out pretty bad and you can easily see that I don’t have many fond memories of our wedding day and neither does Phillip. He still gets upset talking about anything related to our wedding day and neither of us liked looking at the pictures. So when I decided to tackle some sentimental items on the Konmari checklist, I nearly threw out all of our wedding photos.

But my logic caught up with me and I decided to go through the pictures one by one to see if any sparked joy first. I took every picture out of the photo album and turned them upside down. If a photo sparked joy, I put it in a separate pile. Then I had Phillip do the same thing. In the end, we kept 16 photos and they truly do make us happy to see them. They paint a much more positive view of the day and they ease some of the resentment we have for that day. Phillip even said that looking at the wedding pictures we kept makes him feel that maybe one day he can look back on that day and not get upset and maybe even have fond memories. That’s a total win in my book!

wedding pictures we kept

These are the wedding pictures we decided to keep.

Do you have any “sentimental” items that you need to get rid of because they don’t make you happy? If so, what’s holding you back?