My Bluum Box Review

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Bluum Box – Is It Worth Paying For?

You might remember that I posted a deal for a 3 month subscription to Bluum a few weeks back. Well, I have since received my first Bluum box and let’s just say, it wasn’t very good. At first, I thought the box was OK because it did have several samples in it. I even made a video about my box and what I had received. Then, I posted it to Bluum’s Facebook wall and walked away from my computer. When I went back, I had several comments about how bad this month’s box was. I started reading through posts on Bluum’s Facebook wall and that’s when I realized that something was very wrong.

bluum box

Bluum box - NOT as advertised!First of all, NONE of the items in the box were “deluxe samples”, as advertised on Bluum’s homepage. If you’ve spent much time sending in for samples, you know that regular samples are one time use items and “deluxe samples” are ones you can use 2+ times to get a good feel for the product. In addition, all of the items that we (new subscribers) received were leftovers from old boxes. Those who had paid full price received a much nicer box including an almost full-size product. When I found this out, I was pretty hurt so I decided to make a video detailing what I had found.

I posted my video on the Bluum Facebook page with a short message saying “If you’re considering Bluum box, watch this first” and left it at that. A few hours later, a very rude woman commented on that post saying that I was “harsh” and “trashing” the company. She also said that Bluum has to make money somehow. I replied with my reasons for creating and posting the video, as well a joking remark that she must be an employee, and shortly after, she said this:

rude facebook post

Read the whole thread HERE (screenshot).

At this point, I believe she may be an employee of (or have some other vested interest in) Bluum but I can’t be sure because Bluum actually thanked me for my HONEST feedback. So what do you think? Was it “spiteful” for me to create the video? Or do you think that I am actually doing my part to warn moms about a service that really isn’t worth the cost?

UPDATE: I continued my 3 month Bluum box subscription and while the boxes did get a little bit better, I still think that your money would be better spent on something else. If you instead put $11 per month in a savings account for 18 years (yes, I know the Bluum box is only for a few years but stay with me here), you could give your child a $5000 high school graduation gift. Sounds a lot better than some samples they (and you) will probably never remember. If you love learning about new baby products, I would suggest reading some great baby product review websites like Baby Gizmo or BabyGearLab.

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  1. This company is an absolute joke.
    I called to cancel my subscription in July after they sent “Muffin Mist” (yes, for your “muffin” in the box and I didn’t feel like it was appropriate. I said I would finish out my year (because I had paid until December) and then did not want to re-subscribe.

    January 2nd I was charge 324.00 dollars. I immediately called the company and left a message. I called/emailed on the 3rd and 4th. I never received any response back but I could see from their website that the “help desk” emails I sent were opened. I called again on the 5th apparently the number was disconnected. I called from a different number other than my cell phone number and the call went through. I kid you not.

    The company had “no record” of my call in July. At first they wanted to charge me a cancellation fee and said I had to take the January box and pay for it.

    The woman I talked to on the phone was condescending and had “no idea why I couldn’t get through.” “No one else has this problem.”

    Do not use this company. It’s a scam.

  2. Hey girls, is anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit against these scam artists. I canceled my subscription and they will not refund my money. I requested cancelation and a full refund over 2 weeks ago and they said some BS that they were processing my order already and that they could not refund my money, or if I wanted they would cancel it and charge me like $50 for nothing! People who prey on moms are the worst kid of scavengers out there.

  3. Ugh and never again will I purchase Bluum. After my go to subscription service Citrus Lane closed, I tried it only to find my gift arrived damaged by improperly packed liquid items. My request for customer service met with stonewalling and apathy. Yikes.

    1. That’s awful, Amber! If they won’t refund or replace your item, I would file a chargeback with your credit/debit card issuer or if you used PayPal, file a claim on there. Those are usually taken VERY seriously because the store has to pay a fee in addition to the refund if they lose the chargeback claim.

  4. I posted this opinion on their Facebook page 2 times, because the first one was erased. The second time was also erased and they blocked me, so I cannot post anything else there. Here is my opinion:
    The box that I received for my 10 months old son is not what I was expecting and definitely is not the service that they offer. The box wasn’t customized according to my preferences and definitely they didn’t care or pay attention to the age of my son. I got some stickers for a newborn, a rattle toy that I’d suggest for a 3 or 4 months old, a lip balm for me (I didn’t ask for anything for me), and a bowl (that is not even cute).
    The box I got is not useful for me, and it doesn’t meet my expectations, and guess what??? You cannot exchange it or return it. I feel I paid for garbage.
    They have offered me to give me a credit of $10 (which I haven’t received) but now if I want to use it I have to pay for the freight.
    Don’t waste your money using this service. It’s better (and cheaper) to use Amazon, at least they have a better customer service that really helps you, solves your problems, and ensures that you are a happy customer.
    Hope this helps!

  5. I ordered a gift for my friend, she returned the email sent to gift receivers to personalize the gift. She never received a box!!! They did refund me as they never sent anything. It’s my own fault for not checking with my friend, but I’m glad to not have to wasted my time trying to fix the stupid box subscription. I forwarded her the apology about them temporary stopping subscriptions. My friend wrote me back that she never received A box. Feel free to get this for yourself but NEVER as a gift!!!!!

  6. Just had a horrible time trying to cancel my Bluum box and “customer service” was very good at making comments unrelated to my concerns – if I don’t acknowledge she will stop complaining approach I guess. I’ve been dissatisfied with my Bluum boxes more often than not and started with a 6 month subscription that I didn’t realize would re-up if I didn’t stop it. So it took me a lot of time trying to figure out how to even start the cancel process, then they charged me a $25 fee to cancel. So not a good deal and I’m going to let EVERYONE know it.

  7. Just found your review. I recieved my Bluum box today. Paid $14.50..half price deal. So not worth it. My child is 2 1/2 and he got baby stuff. Anyway can someone pleeeeease tell me how to cancel. I followed their instructions and there is no cancel button or process under account, which is where they say to go. Please someone help because I don’t want $29 to come out of my account!

  8. I had no issue canceling. I did have to click on the link from the email once initiating the cancelation request. No big deal. I actually would like to sign up again. I was sent an email that supposedly had deals on the membership. I clicked on it, and went to Account as described in the email. No savings show up. I go to try to get the price, and I HAD to enter my credit card information before a price would show up, THEN it was the same price as before. I will probably go back to Citrus Lane now.

    The only other issue was receiving duplicates of some toys/stuffed animals. That feels like they are just discarding leftover crap.

  9. I also tried to cancel my subscription and found the process awkward, frustrating and ineffective. First, I had to send an email requesting to cancel my membership. I received a response and clicked the link to go to an unsubscribe page. After being asked “Are you sure? Here are some options to pre-pay for 3 or 6 or 12 months at a cost savings” I declined but my card was still charged and my membership is still active. I wrote an email complaining and have not had a response yet.

  10. Not worth the subscription fee and customer service is poor. I emailed them to cancel and they responded “Are you sure? You’ll lose your points..blah blah” so I received another $25 unwanted package and they won’t respond to my email. Don’t buy from them!

  11. Thanks for your review! I think you just saved me alot of money. At first the deal seemed really good but then I really started to look at what you got for your money and I started to question whether I wanted to commit and leave my credit card information. It also looked like they wanted to charge a membership fee but it wasn’t really clear. Thanks for your help!

  12. BEWARE if you sign up for a trial! They will charge your credit credit card after the trial is up for the most expensive box. I was just charged $24.95! I had purchased a groupon type deal for a one-month box and had to pay $1 shipping on the Bluum site and then they went and charged my credit card for the next month even though I had NOT signed up. Just be careful! It isn’t worth the hassle – I’ve been emailing and calling with no luck.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to blog about Bluum. This was really helpful. You mentioned that it was only $11 a month, well it is now $24.95. I will definitely take your advice and invest in something more memorable.(Such as a Savings acct.)

    Once again, thank you sooo much.

  14. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for the honest review. So often you read something about what someone is reviewing and you know I scantly they are just trying to get you to part with your money.but you have been honest here and this is a breath of fresh air.

    Thanks again lee

  15. I became a Bluum Mom through a Living Social deal, and thought it was a great concept. I was super excited and anxiously awaited my first Bluum box (which, by the way, arrived 2-3 weeks later than scheduled). However, my first box (January 2013) was extremely disappointing. I received a spoon shaped like an airplane, disposable bibs, a sample pack of wipes, and a coupon for the bibs. Really? My son is 5 months, so we aren’t even using spoons yet, but this is a more advanced spoon anyways. Oh, there was also a sample packet of dehydrated food, which also seems to be more for an older child. It was nothing like the sample boxes shown online with lotions or oils and teethers and toys. Granted my membership for the quarter was about half the price of a regular membership, but I would think the boxes are the same if they want return customers. It seems my dollars were wasted and I will definitely NOT be renewing for full price and I will NOT be buying another subscription “deal” in the future, even at half price. I really wanted to like Bluum because I think the concept is great, but my experience was not one that I would want a friend to repeat (i.e. I will tell my Mom friends not to waste their time, money, and excitement).

  16. I have to agree with your post. This service is more of a crap shoot. I started my subscription when the hurricaine hit and my box was shorted – understandable because of weather conditions. Then the next month they included the samples that should have been in the box the month before. Only when I wrote and complained about the lack of samples did they send enoguh to make up for both months. Today I get another noted stating that my box is delayed and may not get shipped until th 30th. Wonder if they are going to try to count it as fbruary box too. Poor program. Citrus lane is 1 million times better

  17. I recieved notification on my bluum account that I will be recieving 3 disney onsies, 3 different burts bees procuts, and some baby food pouches. I only paid $6, but is the website box content info accurate?mine should be here today or tomorrow.

  18. Jessica,
    I want to thank you for posting your honest opinion of the Bluum box! I was about to order and send to my daughter-in-law. I will spend my money on things I know she will appreciate!


  19. Hi Jessica really good follow up. I had seen blum advertised and had wondered about it. Thanks for putting us straight about the facts.

    Thanks lee

  20. Found your review while searching for Bluum reviews and I am happy that I did. Currently there is a PlumDistrict promo where you can get a 3 month membership to Bluum for $14.40 and I was going to give it a shot but now I don’t think I will. Thanks for posting something like this for us mamas! Between your situation and the others in the comments, I think I’ll pass!

  21. Thanks for this! I just signed up for a trial month, so I’ll see how it goes. Perhaps the service has improved in the past few months.

  22. I also agree Bluum is not the best, (to put it nicely.) I have received 4 of their boxes and never got much most of the things were not even for my son. It is def not worth the money! & to beat it all I got one of the same samples two months in a row! The other subscription services are much better like TeethMe and Citrus lane, they are not expensive and product are wonderful and full sized!

  23. TeetheMe a great company that just launched their subscription boxes. Great product from 0-3 years of age. Check out their website and Facebook page. You won’t be disappointed.

      1. Yes ! The products are awesome and no trail sizes! Love it! Very useful an valued way over the $24a month membership fee. Plus they have 20% off coupon codes for your first month!

    1. I love TeethMe! They are so worth the money & you get full sized products which are great. I just started my subscription with them and got 5 items! Citrus Lane is another good one, also full sized and not sample sizes.

  24. BLUUM boxes are awful! The box they are packed in costs more than the samples. If you want a good kids subscription service go with Citrus Lane, Kiwi Crate or BabbaCo boxes. I have subscriptions to all 3 and LOVE them!

  25. I received my first, of a 3 month subscription of “bluum”, package today, I am very dissapointed. Not worth the monthly fee! I’m calling this week to try to cancel my subscription.

    1. I just got my last box today and was pretty disappointed too. I got 2 lotion samples, a green tea sample, binky spray, and a fruit puree sample. I heard some people got chocolate bars. I wonder if they were regular subscribers or people who got in on the deal like us.

  26. I just found out I got charged for another three month subscription to Bluum, which I never in a million years would have agreed to! Who would pay $11 a month for free samples? So lame. I now have to dispute the charge with me credit card company. I did not need another stresser. Do NOT buy Bluum boxes people!

    1. I am SO sorry to hear that! Your comment prompted me to check my accounts and fortunately I haven’t been charged but I noticed my renewal was coming up so I went ahead and cancelled. I hope you get it all straightened out because I agree, Bluum is NOT worth $11 per month.

      1. I made a fuss and got them to refund my money for the next two months, but after opening this month’s box I still feel ripped off. $11 for $1.00 baby food, a $3 bottle of binky spray, a tiny bag of tea I can’t drink, and then free sample sizes of skin cream. I just don’t get it.

      2. I’m glad they refunded your money! That’s one good thing I can say about them, they do actually care about what their customers think and say. I don’t understand how they can charge so much and people actually like the boxes. Maybe they’re forgetting how much they actually paid for them?

  27. I received similar backlash after I posted a review on Cravebox’s Facebook wall — I wasn’t impressed with the service at all. It seemed like a bunch of people with nothing better to do felt the need to leave me comments like the one you received. Also like your situation, Cravebox actually welcomed my feedback and thanked me for my honest review. I really think this is just a case of adults behaving like children and hiding behind their computer screens so that they can be rude.

  28. I believe you were correct in making the video. One thing I know is that companies appreciate bad feedback as well as good. They may not like it, however, it gives them an idea of what they need to change. Imagine, if they never received negative remarks, however, they continued to lose customers. They wouldn’t know exactly why the customers fled without receiving feedback good or bad. The lady is the one trying to get the extra gifts by showing favor to their side.


    1. “Imagine, if they never received negative remarks, however, they continued to lose customers. hey wouldn’t know exactly why the customers fled without receiving feedback good or bad.”

      That’s an excellent point! If I owned a business, I would be extremely distraught if I were losing customers but couldn’t figure out why. I think that it is extremely important to provide honest feedback on products and services so that manufacturers know how to make their product the best that it can be. That’s why I love taking surveys. Aside from the monetary compensation, the best part of taking surveys is knowing that MY feedback will make a product better for everyone.

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