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If you have read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or seen the new Tidying Up Netflix show about the Konmari method but can’t figure out where to start, I have created a Konmari checklist that may help! It contains all of the broad categories that you will need to work on such as clothing, books, and Komono. Then, it breaks the categories down into smaller categories. Full disclosure: I modified this from another list I found online. I combined some categories and added in others that were not represented at all – like furniture.

This Konmari checklist has “room categories” and Marie Kondo says we should not go room by room. I separated the categories like this so you can quickly identify where you might find these items. Don’t forget to check other rooms before you move to the next checklist item! You might be surprised where you find your komono items!

Hopefully you will find this list helpful as you go through Konmari.

The Konmari checklist is colorful (which sparks joy for me) but you can print it on a black & white printer if that’s all you have. There are check boxes beside each category so you can mark as completed as you move through the list. The checklist is in PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader (free) or PDF reader to access the file. If you have any problems, let me know! So without further ado, here is the download! You can click the picture or the Download Now link below:

FREE printable Konmari Checklist! Colorful and joy-sparking, hopefully this will help you on your konmari journey!


If you prefer black text, you may download a B&W checklist here.

If you cannot get the PDF to download, please try the Word file checklist. You will need Microsoft Word or a Word viewer/editor such as Open Office (Open Office is a FREE alternative to Microsoft Office).

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  1. Haha when I saw the “Animals” category my first thought was you were suggesting I keep only my favourite pets ^_^ Thank you so much for this list, I have read the book a few times and am (slowly) working my way towards that joyful, tidy life and this is certainly going to help achieve it! Different areas or categories are problematic for different people and this really pinpoints them all 🙂

  2. Just got the book today. But I printed the list so I would have it just in case. Excited to start reading it and getting organized!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for this! I love the different colors for each category in the book. You rock my socks!! I thought of a few things you might like to add to the list. I don’t know if you’re wanting to edit your PDF. I tried editing it to add these things for the future, but I honestly don’t know how to edit it to make things look the same as they already do (awesomely), and I can’t deal with things looking weird. Anyway… the things I was thinking that could be added somewhere: sheets, DVDs, sunblock, bug spray, mirrors, stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons, contact supplies (solutions/cases), eye glasses/cases, paints, vases, year books, deodorants, curtains, luggage, art/wall decorations, hangers, skirts, travel toiletries, maps, pet shampoos/conditioners, pet combs/brushes, tablecloths, trash cans, hair dyes, work out equipment, sports equipment, rugs. I’m sure I’ll think of more shortly. Hahaha. Again, you don’t have to add these things to your list, but I thought other people might like to add them to theirs maybe?

  4. A little overwhelmed by the book but have loved reading it. My question is I’m in the 50 + years and going through that post-mental cycle I have cloths that fit me and ones that I would love to get back into because they do spark a sense of joy but my body is not quite there yet. In fact I have several sizes of clothes that I keep because my body does fluctuate from one size to another. So far I have not read any comments on this subject and I know I’m not the only one, could you please share your thoughts on the subject. Do I keep the clothes that spark joy and don’t fit hoping that I will eventually will get back into them or do I toss and recycle them and buy more at a later date.??

    1. My personal opinion is to only keep what really truly makes you happy, something that you would love seeing in your closet even if it NEVER fits you again. I’ve been working on losing weight (down around 60 pounds from where I started) and what I’ve found is that clothes don’t always fit the same as they did before you gained weight. Your body changes over time and sometimes things just don’t look right regardless of how much weight you lose.

      So I would suggest that you get rid of anything that doesn’t make you really happy (sell it or donate it, your choice) and save money to buy new clothes that fit the body you have now and as you’re losing weight.

      Clothes that fit properly will make you happier and will motivate you to keep moving towards your goals.

  5. Jersha – thank you for having the iniative to ignore a set directive and the intelligence to adapt and add to the Kon Mari list with room categories.

    For many of us the directive to ignore a room by room view is simply unhelpful – a ‘universal’ approach to a house does not inspire better order but can detract from that, as mentally it is harder to ‘see’ each thing in place – an irony considering Ms K’s intention. I also have ADD – this is not considered in her philosophy: I need help to manage things in smaller ‘chunks’ and your approach is way more sensible and helpful to me. To say nothing of the neurological
    effect of a broad grin which is a chemical one. Neuron activation or excitation was recently confirmed to be a real phenomenon: One brain can activate the movement of another person’s neuron through communication both verbal and physical.

    The thing that struck me about your picture the second I laid eyes on your face, was the fact that I instantly started to smile!

    It’s your huge smile and on YOUR great face it’s wonderful in the way it expresses a terrific personality so it becomes contagious.

    I started my Sunday waiting for my coffee with a big grin you gave me, that is giving me a bigger boost than my caffeine will and will also last all day!

    Thank you for the sunshine already on a cold gray New York morning!

    Back at ya’!


    1. Thanks for the compliments, Mia! I really needed this pick-me-up today. Now I have a big grin on my face too even though I’m fighting a cold and just want to bury myself under the covers all day.

      I agree about the room categorization. Some people (myself included) feel like going by large categories only (as stated in the book) is quite overwhelming. Having it broken down into smaller categories that are often found in a single room (dinnerware is almost always in the kitchen, for example) just works better for a lot of us. 🙂

    2. I agree — keeping clothes that used to fit is counterproductive. It’s like having a whiny critic following you around the house reminding you of past mistakes. Who needs that? Focus on the future and the carefully chosen, high quality wardrobe you’re in the process of making room for right now.

  6. Hey I really like the printable list and I LOVE that it’s free!
    I just wrote an article about how I got started in minimalism and my experience with KonMari. I’ve given a link for your website as a recourse because I’ve used the list personally and printed it out several times.

  7. Just jumped on the Konmari bandwagon and I’m so glad I did! Thanks for making this! I don’t have a lot of free time so I like to do little sub categories at a time. This makes it so much easier to see what group is next! And who doesn’t love crossing things off!! took me a week to do every type of shirt I owned and wow feel so much better! 6months until I move! Thanks again : )

    1. Keep me updated on your progress and definitely let me know if you need any help! A little hint: the checklist can do double duty when you’re moving. Use it to help you pack. I did that back in August and oh my, it made everything so much easier!

  8. Thank you so much. I appreciate all the work you put into this list that I just printed out. You gave it a lot of thought!! I did read the book and I am throwing things out, donating and organizing. I know it is not a good idea to leave the frig door open for too long but I love looking at it.. I also did the freezer about two weeks ago. They look so good and it was easy to do! I bought some see thru containers, so I know exactly what I have. I am in the process of making pretty boxes for my walk in closet. I have always liked to organize but this time after reading the book everything is different because I am doing it the right way. Thank you, again!

    1. That’s so awesome! I know what you mean about the refrigerator. I organized mine with little plastic organizing boxes I had already and it looks so good. I just want to stare at it every time I open the door. Our fridge doesn’t like humidity though so that usually means a little pool of water will show up on the top shelf if I do it too much, haha.

  9. Thank you so very much for your effort in creating this list and for sharing it with the world. I printed it off and have put both pages in one page protector that’s now hanging on my fridge. It’ll be so rewarding to see items getting checked off one by one. Again, THANK YOU!

  10. This is great! I love that you have craft supplies and cooking/pantry items. These categories are where I need the most help and they weren’t discussed much, if at all, in her book. But you have it broken up into categories that I think I can manage! Thanks!

  11. Thanks so much for this list. I hoped she’d have it on her site.
    I listened to the Audiobook too and watched some YouTube of her. I’m truly inspired and very excited.
    Today i got all my clothes together and put them in her catagories. Then I started on my tops and that was enough for one day! It is a good feeling putting the chosen items away using her folding technique.
    I feel I am at Everest base camp. It’s scary to look through the list but I’m very appreciative of it. Thanks again.

  12. Under Komono, this doesn’t exactly follow the Konmari suggestion of starting with CD/DVDs. Also, from Komono, you divide the list by room, which is not Marie Kondo’s method. However, this list is a GREAT way to get started and provides a lot more detailed categories than anything else available. Your list really helped me. Thank you

    1. You’re right that the list isn’t 100% true to the book. I broke the list down to “rooms” not because you should go room from room but to spark in your mind where you might find these items. You should *always* look everywhere for the items to make sure you get them all. And if you didn’t collect it the first time through, you probably should just get rid of the item because you didn’t even remember you had it!

  13. Thank you for the checklist. I would like to add, that I just found out my local library started using “hoopla digital” and I was able to find Marie Kondo’s audio book! You can download – one less book to buy! Have everyone check their local library and download the hoopla app. Just don’t get sidetracked by all the books and movies on the database…. 😉

  14. Thanks so much for creating this checklist. I have read a lot recently about the Konmari method and have just ordered her book. Your list will be so helpful in keeping me on track.

  15. Thank you! My printer won’t print black so Color List is AMAZING!! Plus how you broke it down helps so so much since i only have twenty minutes a day to actually work. Breaking it down piece by piece is so helpful!

  16. Thank you for making this awesome list! I just finished reading the book and I’m excited to get chaos into order. This will help out so much!

  17. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m just finishing the audio book and I was hoping to find a list. Next I need to find an illustration of the folding. Thanks again for putting this together.

  18. I want to thank you for the checklist. Oh how I love to cross off, check off things done. I have a clipboard on my now TIDY KM’d desk, on it is your wonderful checklist. Thank you so much!

  19. This list is just what I needed! Thank you. Great job! It’s going to be a great tool to help me stay on track.

  20. I have a problem downloading the document. When I click on the link, either color or B&W, the document comes up all blurred out. Is anyone else having this problem? I just finished the book and I am excited to get started. I move in 7 days and would love to do this before I move everything cross country to my new house.

    1. I’m going to email you a copy of the PDF and a Word document as well just in case. Check the email account that you used to comment here. 🙂

      1. I’m having the same problem. Could you e-mail to me as well? Thanks! I just finished the book and am rounding up my clothes for my first tidy session.

      2. I think I figured out the problem. I used a specialty font that when shown in a PDF is showing up as blocks of color. I edited the file and hopefully it should work now but I’m also emailing you a copy.

  21. This is amazing! It really helps you break down the komono category. I am sharing this on my blog as part of the KonMari organizing series I am doing. It will for sure be in several posts. Hope you don’t mind 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to make this great printable…and for free 🙂

  22. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been searching the web all morning trying to finds a list so that I didn’t have to comb through the audiobook again and try to find the categories she mentioned and write them down.

    Very thorough and I love the color coordination. Beautiful and so so useful. Thanks a million, again!

  23. Thank you for this! Just started reading 2 days ago, tackled my own clothes today. This list will help me greatly, because even though I have two more categories to go before I hit it, the “miscellaneous” category was already giving me anxiety. SO MUCH falls into that!

  24. Your list is beautiful! I started my own but then found your post. I am now going to shred my attempt. LOL. Thank you!

    Also, I’m curious if anyone has completed the full cycle because I’d like to ask for clarification on the statement: Do not even think of putting your things away until you have finished the process of discarding (p. 35). It seems like if you have one of those spaces that take 4-6 months, your house will look like a bit of a wreck until you’re done purging. Has anyone worked on a project that large and was able to wait until the discarding stage was over to start putting what remained back?

    1. I am not finished with everything but I took that statement to mean finish a category completely before putting things away. So finish your clothes and then put them away. Then finish books and put them away. With Komono, I would go by large general categories such as office supplies and crafts as one big category, finish it and then put everything away. I don’t know that anyone could just have all their Komono out for months on end without going nuts!

  25. Thank you so much for this!!! I was feeling a little overwhelmed trying to work my way through the book, but finding there were so many subcategories of amongst all my stuff!!! Namaste, Felicity x

  26. Thank you. AS a person who struggles with ADD, checklists are vital! Thanks for putting this together and sharing with everyone.

    1. I don’t have ADD (maybe a touch of OCD) (oh, and proud of it BTW) and I LOVE making and using checklists. There’s a cool book called The Checklist Manifesto that’s a good read.

  27. Thank you so much for putting this together! I’ve read the book of course, but your list will be what I work off of since it’s so much more specific.

  28. Thanks for sharing this. i started in her book and it really was a light in the tunnel. i only did read first 100 pages yet, but i couldn’t sleep and wish it was day to start this awesome project.

  29. Man, you guys are rocking’ the Konmari. Way to go! I’m so impressed that you got rid of the wedding photos you didn’t love. You’re an inspiration!

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